Thursday, November 19, 2009

Days go by...

I just realized it has been two weeks since my last post.. I've been busy and stressed and have just been enjoying reading your blogs.
Since I have last posted I have watched AL beat LSU and MS State.. Roll Tide! I actually went to the AL vs LSU game! The game was awesome, seats were good.. we had a great time.
We had Riley's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese... I just thought it would be less stressful to have it there.. man was it crowded. AAHHH! Thanks to all that came and I hope you all had as much fun as Riley did.. He got lots of great things and enjoyed it there. That was his first time there. We will have to take him back since we didn't use all his tokens.
Me and Zach went to the doctor to find out that he has some abnormal chromosomes which could cause me to miscarry or have a child with a chromosomal disorder. That is a 50/50 chance.. but with our other issues the chances of us getting pregnant on our own are slim. They suggested we do invitro or have a sperm donor. At this time, we are not able to do either one.. so we will not be going back to the doctor. So just pray that we will conceive a healthy baby on our own.
Zach is still jobless and Riley now only goes to school from 8-12 each day. He seems to be enjoying not having to take a nap.. that's what he told me. Last weekend me and two others tackled my kitchen wallpaper.. after 8 hours of hard work we got it all down. I am so glad that fruit wallpaper is gone. My husband has spent the past few days getting it painted and pretty for me.. I started the project but he has been nice enough to finish it for me.
Tomorrow night is GNO at my house for the first time. I am excited for everyone to come over.. we will miss the ones who can not make it this time. It is going to be very slim.
I would like to say congrats to Amy and Mark on having their baby yesterday. I know they are super excited and are blessed with with a beautiful baby girl!
My niece is in her 8th grade pageant Saturday night so we will keep our fingers crossed that she will do great.. I can't wait to go see her.
Have a great weekend everyone and I will see most of you this weekend sometime!

P.S. Sorry no pics! Check out my Facebook for the latest pics.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Short and Sweet

Thought I would post some pics from Halloween and Riley's Birthday. Both were good..

This is one of Riley's birthday gifts..

Zach carved the pumpkin to match Riley as batman and added his name to it!

My very own Batman and his Bat Mobile

Riley and Aubrey.. (Bambi's daughter)

Logan, Riley and Aubrey.. they all go to school together

My baby turned 4! Where has the time gone to???

Zach did this for him and when he got home he was so excited!!

He loved his gifts.

He was so excited about showing his Transformers gun to our neighbor Hannah that he fell running full speed in our driveway.. OUCH!

Me and LeAnn went to see Morgan and Baby Brooks today. He is so precious and Morgan looked great. I am so happy for them and I know they are so proud.

Lastly, I would like to ask you all to pray for us. Zach got laid off from his job of 6 years on Riley's birthday so we are now on a job hunt. Also, he got a letter from the B'ham Police Department to take their physical test on November 21st. He will be spending the next two weeks trying to get in shape for that. He has always wanted to be a cop so I hope the God has sent this at the right time.. I ask that you pray for him to do well.. I will let yall know the results of the job hunt and police thing.

Have a great weekend and Roll Tide. I am going to the game with my boss and co-worker Kala.. Woo Hoo! Can't wait.


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