Friday, January 8, 2010

Because we are the champions my friends..

I must say ROLL TIDE.. I know at least half of you are AU fans but I hope you can find it in your heart to be proud of our guys. Because I know yall would be just as proud if it was the other way around. : )

So sweet!

And I have even found me a shirt to show off our win! Once it comes in, that is.

Have a great weekend my friends and stay warm.. See yall next Friday.. for our first non-pregnant GNO in forever!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 Recap..

I know it's been forever...

I've been reading blogs and trying to decide what I want to tell about. So I started a list and looked back at my calendar (my memory is terrible).

Here goes to the Mackey 2009 (as good as I can remember, and hoping that 2010 has something better in store for us):

1. Riley started a new school in June. I was scared but he loves it!

2. We celebrated three years of marriage.. if I could only look like I did when we got married.. ugh!

3. We continously tried to get pregnant with help from a infertlity doctor and kept running into compliciations. :(

4. Zach got him a truck. Sure wished we still had the Honda. We now have a gas guzzler.

5. I made it to Panama City three times this year. One time with some girls for my birthday.. had a blast!

6. Riley got his second pair of glasses and they already look as rough as the first ones did.

7. We tried out having a dog and after three pair of shoes, a digital picture frame, a lamp, a chewed on couch, ipod earphones, small vacuum cleaner, and the list goes on and on.. Dixie found her way to Nana's to live. That was the best day ever!

8. All the GNO girls that were pregnant had their babies.. so sweet!

9. Another birthday, one year closer to 30.

10. I went to three concerts.. Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Alan Jackson.

11. We got our house painted, a new roof and a new living room and dining room floor. Oh and the infamous black fruit wallpaper was taken down and the kitchen painted, along with a new kitchen floor.

12. I spent $90 on 6 sheets of Riley's school pics.. craziness.

13. Zach lost his job on Riley's birthday.. but two days later received a letter from the B'ham Police Dept. So far so good! What a blessing!

14. A crazy Chuck E Cheese birthday party for Riley.. he loved it.. I was stressed!

15. A Batman Halloween!

16. My niece Lindsey won first alternate in the Miss Rudd pageant for 8th grade and my niece Karley won for her age group.

17. My husband was so thoughtful for Valentines.. I'm not sure he can beat that.

18. A wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas with family and friends.

19. I stopped taking my anti depressant for the first time in 4 years and have not killed anyone yet. Thank you Lord!

20. Shopping, shopping and more shopping

21. Watched AL win all it's game and getting ready for the BIG game tomorrow night!

Sorry this is all out of order and I am sure I left tons out but since I am at work I am trying to be quick!

A few pics for your enjoyment!

I hope everyone is staying warm in this frigid weather.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Days go by...

I just realized it has been two weeks since my last post.. I've been busy and stressed and have just been enjoying reading your blogs.
Since I have last posted I have watched AL beat LSU and MS State.. Roll Tide! I actually went to the AL vs LSU game! The game was awesome, seats were good.. we had a great time.
We had Riley's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese... I just thought it would be less stressful to have it there.. man was it crowded. AAHHH! Thanks to all that came and I hope you all had as much fun as Riley did.. He got lots of great things and enjoyed it there. That was his first time there. We will have to take him back since we didn't use all his tokens.
Me and Zach went to the doctor to find out that he has some abnormal chromosomes which could cause me to miscarry or have a child with a chromosomal disorder. That is a 50/50 chance.. but with our other issues the chances of us getting pregnant on our own are slim. They suggested we do invitro or have a sperm donor. At this time, we are not able to do either one.. so we will not be going back to the doctor. So just pray that we will conceive a healthy baby on our own.
Zach is still jobless and Riley now only goes to school from 8-12 each day. He seems to be enjoying not having to take a nap.. that's what he told me. Last weekend me and two others tackled my kitchen wallpaper.. after 8 hours of hard work we got it all down. I am so glad that fruit wallpaper is gone. My husband has spent the past few days getting it painted and pretty for me.. I started the project but he has been nice enough to finish it for me.
Tomorrow night is GNO at my house for the first time. I am excited for everyone to come over.. we will miss the ones who can not make it this time. It is going to be very slim.
I would like to say congrats to Amy and Mark on having their baby yesterday. I know they are super excited and are blessed with with a beautiful baby girl!
My niece is in her 8th grade pageant Saturday night so we will keep our fingers crossed that she will do great.. I can't wait to go see her.
Have a great weekend everyone and I will see most of you this weekend sometime!

P.S. Sorry no pics! Check out my Facebook for the latest pics.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Short and Sweet

Thought I would post some pics from Halloween and Riley's Birthday. Both were good..

This is one of Riley's birthday gifts..

Zach carved the pumpkin to match Riley as batman and added his name to it!

My very own Batman and his Bat Mobile

Riley and Aubrey.. (Bambi's daughter)

Logan, Riley and Aubrey.. they all go to school together

My baby turned 4! Where has the time gone to???

Zach did this for him and when he got home he was so excited!!

He loved his gifts.

He was so excited about showing his Transformers gun to our neighbor Hannah that he fell running full speed in our driveway.. OUCH!

Me and LeAnn went to see Morgan and Baby Brooks today. He is so precious and Morgan looked great. I am so happy for them and I know they are so proud.

Lastly, I would like to ask you all to pray for us. Zach got laid off from his job of 6 years on Riley's birthday so we are now on a job hunt. Also, he got a letter from the B'ham Police Department to take their physical test on November 21st. He will be spending the next two weeks trying to get in shape for that. He has always wanted to be a cop so I hope the God has sent this at the right time.. I ask that you pray for him to do well.. I will let yall know the results of the job hunt and police thing.

Have a great weekend and Roll Tide. I am going to the game with my boss and co-worker Kala.. Woo Hoo! Can't wait.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend Recap

Here are a few pics from the Miley Cyrus concert (well before and there):

Riley and Karley..

Me and my Sissy

Yeah we were one of the parents that paid $10 for a light up necklace.

Before the show

I got a little let down about the whole concert. Riley was not near as excited to see Miley as I thought. I think now that maybe he was too young. He sat there and just watched and clapped his hands ever now and then. I told him that the guy was Miley's brother and he said.. is that Oliver? HA! He really likes Hannah Montana. I was thinking it would be more on that line but I was way off! We all still had a good time!

I must say ROLL TIDE after that nerve wracker. We had Zach's dad and some friends over for the game. Needless to say, I saw a beer flying as we blocked Tennessee's last kick.. courtesy of my husband! Not to mention, beer splattered all over our TV. I could not believe as protective as he is of everything that he did that.. I guess the beer got to his head!!

After the game we played some Guitar Hero.. which has not been played in months.. I am thinking that whole Wii thing was a waste of money but since it was my Christmas gift.. I won't go there. Here is Riley playing his own Guitar Hero.

Sunday I slept in from my late night Saturday and then worked for five hours.. Yeah I am a dedicated employee!!!

I go to the doctor Thursday so I will let yall know how that goes. Have a wonderful week everyone.. and good luck at the doctor as well Morgan!

Friday, October 23, 2009

We've been waiting for this day for awhile

That's right.. it's finally here....
No I'm not pregnant!
It's the Miley Cyrus concert.. Riley has been asking me all week about going to the concert. I doubt he even knows what a concert is but he does love him some Miley Cyrus. Today I am leaving work early so that we can get there in time. Since it is a paperless ticket concert, it probably will take awhile to get in. I went shopping Wednesday night and found Riley a cute shirt for the concert.

I also got me one from Rue 21. We are going with my sister and niece Karley. Since we could only get 4 tickets my niece Lindsey is going with her friend.
On a different note.. I also found Riley a cute birthday shirt on Etsy. com. He is getting too old for all the monogrammed stuff so I thought this one would work great.

I'm sure he will like it. He loves clothes and shoes just like his daddy and mom.

Last Sunday we went to the Pumpkin Patch in Hayden with my friend Dana and her family. We got there about 2 and it was extremely crowded. It has never been that crowded when I was there and the pumpkins were far from great this year.. there were tons of rotten ones and no really big ones. Needless to say, I was not impressed. Riley did enjoy riding the pony and playing on the inflatables. Oh I must tell this part, Riley climbed up the stairs to ride down the big slide one and when he got to the top he started crying so I made the girl behind him push him down it.. he was crying the whole time.. I'm not sure why he gets so scared at stuff these days.. After that him and Zach did it together and he loved it! All the pics from the Pumpkin Patch are on my Facebook. We took tons!
On the pregnancy issue, we will meet with Dr. Long Thursday to see what he wants us to do next. I will let yall know how that goes!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I hope your team pulls off a victory. ROLL TIDE ROLL!

Friday, October 16, 2009

These boots...

This is my niece Lindsey and her friend Rayme at their Homecoming game.

At her best

Me and Zach before we went to the Alan Jackson concert. Which was awesome by the way!

Riley thought he needed to wear his daddy's boots and I thought it was too cute! He's a mess!
I will see my GNO girls tonight! Pumpkin Patch on Sunday.. can't wait!
Have a wonderful weekend and of course ROLL TIDE!


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