Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend Recap

Here are a few pics from the Miley Cyrus concert (well before and there):

Riley and Karley..

Me and my Sissy

Yeah we were one of the parents that paid $10 for a light up necklace.

Before the show

I got a little let down about the whole concert. Riley was not near as excited to see Miley as I thought. I think now that maybe he was too young. He sat there and just watched and clapped his hands ever now and then. I told him that the guy was Miley's brother and he said.. is that Oliver? HA! He really likes Hannah Montana. I was thinking it would be more on that line but I was way off! We all still had a good time!

I must say ROLL TIDE after that nerve wracker. We had Zach's dad and some friends over for the game. Needless to say, I saw a beer flying as we blocked Tennessee's last kick.. courtesy of my husband! Not to mention, beer splattered all over our TV. I could not believe as protective as he is of everything that he did that.. I guess the beer got to his head!!

After the game we played some Guitar Hero.. which has not been played in months.. I am thinking that whole Wii thing was a waste of money but since it was my Christmas gift.. I won't go there. Here is Riley playing his own Guitar Hero.

Sunday I slept in from my late night Saturday and then worked for five hours.. Yeah I am a dedicated employee!!!

I go to the doctor Thursday so I will let yall know how that goes. Have a wonderful week everyone.. and good luck at the doctor as well Morgan!


  1. Thank you! You are so sweet! I heard Miley Cyrus didn't do any Hannah Montana stuff, that seems really weird to me! :)

  2. Too funny, our house got a little crazy too! I hope the doctor went well.

  3. I hope the doctor appointment went good!!! I still cannot believe I missed you at the concert and that you bought one of those darn lights!! :)



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