Thursday, September 3, 2009

Swimming at work

As some of you know, I am headed to Panama City for a girls trip to the beach with some of my co-workers. Well I decided to go ahead and start packing last night. Riley saw that I had the beach bag out with towels in it and asked if we were going swimming at Aunt Dana's. I told him no. He said are we going to Nana's. I said no.. he said where are we going, I said.. no where, Momma is going to go swimming at work. He said, can I go? I said no, kids can't come to work. Bad I know but I just can't bear to tell him I am leaving for the beach in the morning. I know Zach would love to annoy me with it and let him know but he has held back. I am sure he will spill the beans tonight. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I have never gone without Riley or my husband for a trip. Also, I wonder how Riley will act without his Momma all weekend. Some may know, Riley is a BIG Momma's boy. God love him! So anyways, I am gonna try not to think about it and have a good time. We are leaving work tomorrow at 3 and will return home Monday afternoon. I will get to celebrate my birthday on Sunday down there and also get to watch AL beat VA Tech there as well... ROLL TIDE! Man I am getting old! I will be sure to take a bunch of pictures to share when I get back. I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend and may your football team win.. I had to post an old pic.. but it is me and Riley from our beach trip last summer.. pre glasses.


  1. Riley will be in good hands. Have fun and have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Oh and ROLL TIDE!

  2. Hope you guys have fun!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  3. I am SO JEALOUS!! I hope you have a great weekend and a great birthday. Let loose for sure and have some drinks! :)



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