Friday, September 4, 2009

Yeah for Fridays

So I thought I would write something quick... I am leaving here from work at 3 and am headed south! Riley still does not know I am going to be gone. He asked Zach this morning why my car was there and if I was having swim day at work. My sister brought me to work this morning. We work one block from one another. Poor Riley, he woke me up about 11 last night throwing up all over himself and my bed. Zach was still awake so I had to call him in there for help. We had to strip the bed and Riley and clean up. About 30 mins later, he woke me up again needing to throw up. I yelled for Zach and he came in there and got him. They didn't exactly make it to the bathroom but close. My poor baby sick at home without me.. I am hoping that he doesn't have the dreaded stomach virus that is going around his daycare. Zach said he was doing okay so far today. I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend and

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  1. ROLL TIDE! I hope your having a blast!!! And I hope Riley is feeling better. The girls had that not long ago. Horrible Horrible Stuff!



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